Our vision

is to make Isale-Eko Descendants a united, highly educated, resourceful, well informed healthy and prosperous people.

To achieve this, we:

  • Foster and promote co-operation and spirit of oneness among Isale-Eko Descendants.
  • Encourage the less privileged persons of Isale-Eko descent to further their education by offering scholarships, bursaries and academic prizes/awards for course of studies at secondary schools and colleges or institutions of higher learning.
  • Promote quality healthcare through funding and management of Clinics in the locality.
  • Promote quality education through direct funding and active involvement in the policy formulation, administration of schools and creation of educational modes of international standard in the locality or outside.
  • Purchase, lease or otherwise acquire land, buildings or tenements in the name of the Association for the purpose of providing funds for the foregoing aims and objects.
  • Attract tourism to Isale Eko through periodic events, including tours of landmarks.

Our Mission


  • To boost or shore up resources towards achieving the specified aims and objectives.
  • To further the achievements of the association in the areas of direct funding, active involvement in policy formulation, administration of schools, and creation of international academic standard.
  • To create and maintain a sustainable funding system in order to achieve the enunciated lofty objectives.