Enu Owa Mosque

Established in 1787 and reputed to be the first mosque in Lagos, the Enu Owa Mosque has served the religious needs of the people of Isale Eko for almost three centuries. The site on which the mosque currently exists used to be a shrine for the worship of a traditional idol, called, Ojā€™ogun. It is said that the religion of Islam had existed in Isale Eko since 1632, when Malian traders, who used to frequent the weekly market at what is now Iddo, brought the religion to the area, hence the Yoruba appellation for Islam as Esin Imale. This mosque is unique in its location as it sits directly opposite a church, the Kings Anglican Church, Enu Owa. A chief imam, who must be an Isale Eko indigene and a member of the family of a white cap chief, heads the mosque. Previously, the chief imam was selected exclusively from the Ojogun family until recently when it was decided that the post would now rotate between the Olumegbon, Ojogun, Obanikoro and Shomade families. The current Chief Imam of Enu Owa Mosque is Imam Ibrahim Olabisi Agoro and he was selected from the Olumegbon family in 2014.