Annual Isale Eko Day

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The Isale Eko Descendants’ Union hereby announces the maiden edition of its annual Isale Eko Day fixed for Sunday 30th December, 2018.


Isale Eko Day is an event aimed at promoting the togetherness and oneness of indigenes, friends and well wishers of Isale Eko, Lagos. Isale Eko, which translates, literally, to “Downtown Lagos” or metaphorically, to the “Origin of Lagos” or “Heart of Lagos”, is the core of Lagos Island. It is the very heartland of the Island as it is home to its traditional institutions and the most inhabited area of Island till date. Settlement on the Island started from here and it is the traditional home of Lagosians. We believe the greatness of Isale Eko, the history, culture and diversity is worthy of an annual celebration.


The Isale Eko Descendants’ Union is an apolitical socio cultural organization, founded for the promotion of education, heritage and oneness of Isale Eko and its indigenes (


The Isale Eko Day Event will include a Walk-About of Isale Eko Particularly selected heritage sites including palaces, religious places and different quarters 2-3 hours from 8am. This will be followed with a celebration at the Lagos City Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos, 1t 4-10pm.


Mr. Yomi Tokosi
Planning Committee of
Isale Eko Descendants' Union
Mr. 'Wale Irokosu                                         
Planning Committee of
Isale Eko Descendants' Union


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